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Slot Car Magazine – NOVEMBER 2020, issue 58

Slot Car Magazine – NOVEMBER 2020, issue 58

ByMarc AbbottRic Woods

A lot of things have been troubling my mind since we last published: Why do people buy those stupid electric scooters, when they are totally illegal to use, except on private ground? And, why do most young ladies go out at night with virtually nothing on? But, more importantly, when will I get back to club racing again? This damned Coronavirus is not letting up and just last week the owners of the hall where we base Nascot Wood, voted not to let us back in for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, I see that the profits at Hornby are up, as are all the other brands, or so I’m told. What a double-edged sword this virus has turned out to be for our beloved hobby! I can only presume you’re all sitting at home and buying more and more stuff that you really do need... and most of it seems to be slot car related. I’m really pleased to have driven the new SRC Lancia – wow, what a beast. I even fitted a faster motor (don’t tell Marco at SRC). Hub Habets sings its praises too. Kostas Dzingovic has completed the first run of his Ferrari F1/87 and boy, does it look good. Going further back in time and we have the rather gorgeous Edwardian Racers from George Turner – we’ve even built a couple ourselves. They certainly require a style of driving that I’m not really used to. Also, little did I know that Gary Cannell has been keeping a secret up in his loft. (No, not the one the police are investigating). He has all the original moulds and completed cars developed by the late Derek Cooper – have a read, it’s good history. Plus lots more of course. On another note, I recently started to build up a couple of white kits – two Opel Calibras to be precise. I bought them ages ago, but you know, I had little to do on my days off during lockdown... I was very surprised to find that the bits contained in the first kit included a very large rear wing from heaven knows where, no aerial on one car and two sets of wing mirrors on the other one. I can only assume there’s someone out there with a very small rear wing on his Mercedes Group C car. Holy mixed-up quarantine issues, Batman! Yep, weird times indeed


Publication Date
Nov 19, 2020
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By (author): Marc Abbott, By (author): Ric Woods



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