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The Single Cure: Human Life Extension to 300+ Years

The Single Cure: Human Life Extension to 300+ Years

ByRichard Lighthouse

This short technical paper describes the use of a proposed technology that may be able to time-regress the human body. The cure for nearly all adult diseases, illness, and injuries may be close to our achievement. This paper describes a process for "regressing" the human body to an earlier time of health. For example, an individual that is injured in a car accident, could have instant repairs made to the human body. The device could be available inside of a typical ambulance. For a person with cancer, a process could be available to instantly “remove” the cancer and return the body to a time when no illness existed. The process is called Newtonian Superposition. This process could be repeated many times for a healthy adult, effectively providing individuals with the alternative of living 300 or more years. The regression under the electric charge requires less than one second to occur. The math used to perform the calculation is provided.


Publication Date
Oct 11, 2013
Science & Medicine
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By (author): Richard Lighthouse



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