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Byakko Magazine Issue 131

ByByakko PressMasami Saionji

The theme of this issue is the rebirth of humanity's divine nature. In "The Sacred Terrain of the Divine Mind," Masami Saionji offers useful advice about guiding our lives in a brighter direction. If we find ourselves caught up in turbulent emotions, she suggests, it is helpful to calm our thoughts and take a deep breath, opening a space in our mind that allows us to make a different, more positive decision. "Where Does Our Sovereignty Reside?", an excerpt from a talk given by Masahisa Goi in October 1963, discusses the origin of our life power and our innate connection with the divine. Also features "The Mission to Revive Our Divinity" by Maki Saionji, "A Perspective of Learning" by Yuka Saionji, and "The Journey to the Rebirth of Human Divinity" by Rika Saionji.


Publication Date
Apr 27, 2015
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Byakko Press, By (author): Masami Saionji, By (author): Masahisa Goi, By (author): Yuka Saionji, By (author): Maki Saionji, By (author): Rika Saionji



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