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Monkey Murder Manor

ByRipley CaldwellChalkdown

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"The Manor stands ancient and regal among the gnarled, ashen trees of the wood. It was clearly built long ago, but does not seem to realize it..." Within the Manor is the Pit, a hole in reality that spews out hordes of otherworldly monkeys. The Manor has done its job and killed them, over and over again, for decades upon decades. As the woods darkened and the blood was spilled and the Manor was forgotten, something changed. It grew bitter and hateful, and now the seal has been broken. The Manor door lies open. In Monkey Murder Manor, a dungeon module for MÖRK BORG, the characters venture into the depths of the venerable Manor, attempt to steal treasure, uncover its dark secrets, and kill a lot of monkeys along the way. - 35 rooms across two floors, including a few secret rooms - Treasures, traps, and murderous monkeys of all kinds - A unique Ire system that changes the character's experience if they enrage the Manor - Demons and a look into Cube-Violet - Crisp layout made to be easy on the GM by Chalkdown - Content warnings: (Violence against and mistreatment of animals (a lot of it), gore, body horror, child death, bugs) Monkey Murder Manor is an independent production by Ripley Caldwell and is not affiliated with Ockult Örtmästare Games or Stockholm Kartell. It is published under the MÖRK BORG Third Party License. MÖRK BORG is copyright Ockult Örtmästare Games and Stockholm Kartell.


Publication Date
May 19, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Ripley Caldwell, Illustrated by: Chalkdown


Perfect Bound
Interior Color
A5 (5.83 x 8.27 in / 148 x 210 mm)

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