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Happy Holidays To Drunk Uncle

ByRobert Martin

During the holidays, we get the chance to hear which lies fake, foreign news has been spreading. Over 25 years, we have listened as the stories become more and more unbelievable. Drunk uncle looks you straight in the eye and describes new bathroom construction laws are destroying our Country. The last time we were able to visit family, the story was theft no longer illegal in California. This year, the story will be how the election was stolen and Antifa framed trump for the attack on our capital. They also describe Critical Race Theory as making our children feel guilty about the actions of our ancestors. The fake, foreign news network gives drunk Uncle simple talking points. We also need to develop some simple, basic talking points. When these zombies are informed about what is really happening in the World their eyes glaze over and they seem to go into a trans, oblivious to any truthful information. The primary goal of this book is to unmask conspiracy theories disguised as news. We need to have a law where news is required to be truth, and untruths and conspiracy theories need to be called commentary or satire, not news. The truth shall set you free


Publication Date
Nov 14, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Robert Martin



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