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Deadly Plagues of America

ByRobert Tucker IV

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A SUPERHERO NOVEL AND A SELFHELP INFO BOOK. It’s written in the Bible that many things are supposed to occur ON THE LAND, but what about the WATER and THE unbelievable things THAT will unfold,,? AND ALSO WRITTEN BY HUMAN BEINGS' HANDS, IS NEXT FAIR TO THINK IF YOU KNOWS YOU LOVE YOU THE WAY GOD MADE YOU, different!! BECAUSE SOME unkept UNDERSTANDINGS ARE NOT DEPenDABLE, AND SELF LOVE LEADS TO ACCE[ANCE OF YOURSELF AND THE BODY, YOUR BODY'S SPIRITS THAT YOU ARE TRAINIGAND GROWING TOWARDS EXCELLENCEANDGREATNESS. but once you watch and notice that’s spiritual connections are next and a must, EVEN IN FISH! REALIZING EACH OF GOD'S CREATIONS AE WITH PURPOSE, IT is definitely, because UNIQUELY DIFFERENT we all will remain attempting to get over the thought that A LGBTQ literature, written to help provide a purpose-filled meaning for BEING BORN AND MOST HUMANS THAT ARE CREATED GAY, believe in Christ, the Savior, and honor The Creator, for allowing the “Self Deed” of gaining your entitled understandings off what examples were forced to lead you towards your needed adult ways..... . to allow the CATERING FOR learning SELF-WORTH AND VALUE, REALIZATION OF YOUR OWN ABIITIES, VS. SOMETHING NOTICING AND LEARNING TO SNEAKILY TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF, SPIRITUALY or ANY WAY. CRASH AFTER CRASH RELATIONSHIPS, HEARTBREAK DROWNS YIOU to worthless if you know the "aim of the needy is to HAVE NO NEEDS. BUT JUST AS GOD seen value and reason for the directions of mental and physical CREATIONSviaCONEPTIONS, ANDROGENOUSbeings IS REASON SODOM&GOMORRAH BLOWN NOT SEXUALITY OF THE SPECIES, . starting with the humans, how many are pushing out air from the miNdS /porEs, needing oxygen mixed with the blood, pumping the air and blood to the head from the heart. And GOD MARVEOUSLY CREATES. ReGain and Ramon , WITH THE PLANNING OF THE cross of their CREATION'S DESTINY ON THEIR HOME PLANET,the TWo LIVES lLATER ONiN the spiritual journey that ReGain stays focused on, which leaves him pregnant from GOD'S AIR/heir ,A PRACTICE MAKES READY,FOR ONCE CAUGHT VHEATING, IT WILL BE TOO LATE TO SAY YOU BEEN PRACTISNG BY CHEATING , PRETENDING TO NOT SET UP YOUR JOB BUT HOW IS BEING NOISY ONOTHERS/ANOTHER'S JOB. STARTING TROUBLES FOR THE WRONG Natural ProCreation your body and it's chances Once the DESIRES TO W A N T PLACEMENTS


Publication Date
Jul 13, 2018
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (artist): Robert Tucker IV


Interior Color
Black & White
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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