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Out of the Box: How to Develop Intuition, Be Smarter and Excel in Life

ByRobin Sacredfire

Would you like to be smarter than anyone else on this planet? Would you like to think better than most scientists and researchers without having to raise your IQ or perform complicated tasks? What if these things were possible by merely acknowledging simple secrets? This book offers a way to improve how you think about life in general and promotes your success as an individual in particular, and does it by merely teaching you how to think effectively. In order to do so, the information provided is filled with visual and practical examples and stimulation that help in seeing planet earth and its humans from a metacognitive viewpoint. As you follow the insights and meditate on them, different parts of your brain are activated and exercised, leading you to see reality in a different way. This difference towards the majority, programmed with several key points throughout their entire life, is what will make you appear, act and talk like a smart person while achieving higher results in life and in anything you choose to do with it. This isn’t just a book about theoretical philosophy but practical philosophy, the outcome of loving to think as a great human should in respect for his own spiritual nature.


Publication Date
Dec 14, 2021
Personal Growth
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By (author): Robin Sacredfire



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