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Mindstyle Manual

How To Master Your Mindset & Finish Your Big Goals

ByRobyn-Ann Young

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Tired of being stuck on “perfect” and never finishing what you start? Then this playbook is for you if you’re ready to: * Kick guilt to the curb & go from just knowing what to do, to actually doing it * Take God seriously and start combining works with the faith you confess on Sundays * Get beyond inspiration and get in the habit of implementing & respecting your ideas * Work smarter and savvier, and not just look busy again for another year * Prioritize your own purpose, instead of what others think you should be doing * Break down large goals into clear & specific action steps that actually move you forward * Stop wasting time working on the wrong things & get back to what’s important * Setup proper boundaries to stop settling & start keeping the promises you make to yourself BECAUSE IF YOU CHANGE NOTHING, THEN NOTHING CHANGES. There’s no magic to this beloved, just focused and fearless action to stop talking and start doing what it takes to achieve lasting goals. IMAGINE TRANSFORMING FROM being stuck in the same place year after year and never having enough time TO being known for getting things done, and waking up with excitement & clarity on how to achieve what matters to you. And yes, this is all possible lionheart. Because Jesus paid full price to ensure that you would live a fulfilled life, as promised in John 10:10. I’ll show you how to re-discover the joy and drive God gave you to persist in your purpose and arrive at the visions and dreams He’s placed on your heart. Find more tools for conquering your mindset & milestones at ROBYN-ANN.COM.


Publication Date
Feb 8, 2023
Personal Growth
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Robyn-Ann Young


Interior Color
Black & White
Executive (7 x 10 in / 178 x 254 mm)

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