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The Inana System

I AM Presence - Primordial Meditation

ByRobyn Collins

A direct approach, evidence-based system for spiritual awakening, wellness & inner peace “Anyone desiring to deepen their journey of enlightenment, or simply tired enough of suffering to want to change it into wonder and joy, will benefit greatly from Robyn’s wonderful work emerging from her own very genuine journey of discovery.” ~ Jayem, Way of Mastery In 1998, after traversing many years of ancient and modern spiritual philosophies and practices, Robyn Collins experienced a mystical visitation from the spirit of Jeshua. Through his guidance came the most profound pathway of Conscious Awakening she had ever experienced, and she followed his lead with deep trust and conviction...It is from here she shares the channeled message called " The Inana System" - I AM Presence - Primordial Meditation The Inana System takes you on an inner journey of blissful unfolding. It transcends the multidimensional realms of Human, Cosmic, Soul/Light and Unity Consciousness. It unravels the nervous system, guiding you on a pathway of surrender, descending deep into the ocean of eternal silence and rebirths you into the Heart of Divine BEing resulting in spiritual wholeness, joy, self- love, peace presence, Oneness and freedom from stress through attaining SELF Realisation. By knowing the true nature of your BEing that which is the fulfilled, complete, and whole in its still, timeless, formless, pure, unconditionally loving state… you can reclaim your power and move forward as a spirit in action where you then BECOME the co-Creator of your life, in harmonious flow. The vantage point of the Absolute state of BEing is emptiness, voidness, an eternal abyss of Peace. From that state of still, silence, arises the energetic frequency of Light which vibrates as the Sound “OM” the cosmic sound which BECOMES the creation of the universe. The creative principle of the universe is the primordial field of the pure infinite source of ALL that IS – aka (God) therefore, everything is energy in Absolute formlessness and Relative form/matter – Everything is Light – Everything is Love.


Publication Date
Feb 5, 2023
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Robyn Collins



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