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Enemies of Christ

The Need to Protect Our Own Salvation from Ravening Wolves

ByRod Martin, Jr.

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Jesus warned us about this. He told us that there would be some who would appear and sound pleasant, but who would really be wolves in sheep’s clothing. These are the enemies of Christ. Today, we’re confronted by the lazy arrogance of modern Pharisees who pretend that salvation is easy. Christ told us that the path is narrow and difficult. Who do we believe, the biblical literalist or Christ himself? Today, some are told that salvation is permanent once we commit ourselves to Christ. But what of those who give temporary allegiance to Christ in order to continue sinning? Today, some are told that taking responsibility for the crimes of others against us is impossible. But Christ led by example, taking responsibility for all the sins of the world. If we are to follow God, then we have to have unconditional love closer to that of the Heavenly Father, but also utter humility, fearless confidence and perfect responsibility. Today, some ministers are telling their flocks that the Age of Miracles ended nearly 2,000 years ago — that modern miracles are only possible because of the sheer number of Christians in the world. Today, too many Christians imply that they already know everything that they need to know and that their interpretation of scripture is perfect. It’s “My Way or the Highway,” yet no one knows all that God knows. There’s not enough humility to learn more. God has much more to teach us. Today, a majority of Christians have physical or graven images that distract them from Truth. They cling to those images and symbols, instead of to the spirit that gives life. Today, a growing minority of Christians ridicule science, unaware that the rift is artificial. Science studies the products of God’s creation. There’s no getting around that fact. Science has done a pretty good job in that study. There are still many unknowns. But both Christian fundamentalists and secular scientists ignore certain possibilities that may be far closer to truth than either side is willing to admit. Enemies of Christ gives us a scathing look at how Christianity has fallen into disrepair over the last 1,700 years. Truth is still there, but too many have been led astray. This book does not tell us what to think, but it does show us how to return to a vital humility to God. With that humility, we can more easily see our own failings and help us return to the Christianity that Christ gave us at the beginning.


Publication Date
Mar 31, 2022
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Rod Martin, Jr.


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