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The Near Perfect Body

and the pathway to yours

ByRoger Shorr

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At age 68, former financial professional, Roger Shorr, experienced an epiphany while contemplating a can of beer. The experience opened the door to a transformative metamorphosis that, over the ensuing months, led him to achieving a near perfect body. Chronicling his uplifting odyssey, Roger developed a powerful mind-body strategy that combines common sense dieting and exercise with an unshakable will to succeed. In this, his inspiring and highly entertaining account of his journey, Roger explains how you can follow his path towards achieving your own near perfect body—at any age! Beautifully illustrated and filled with delightful anecdotes and practical advice, The Near Perfect Body, stands as not only an unprecedented account of incredible accomplishment, but also as a singular source of inspiration for both the body and the spirit. Endorsed by medical and athletic experts as an ideal method for mature men and women to obtain and maintain a state of enduring fitness, The Near Perfect Body breaks new ground in the advancement of lasting health. If you are seeking the determination to say “I must have it!” then this engaging 200-page guide to greatness is your entry point on the road to all-out achievement. You will love The Near Perfect Body and you will absolutely love YOUR near perfect body even more.


Publication Date
Aug 24, 2023
Health & Fitness
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By (author): Roger Shorr


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Black & White
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