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The Big Secret of Sherlock Holmes and His Struggle Against the Organization

ByRolando José OlivoRolando José Olivo

Explicit Content
Sherlock Holmes had other reasons to confront James Moriarty and was on the trail of Irene Adler, who knows his big secret. In addition to this, Mrs. Watson has another family, the Swindhit, who have generated a tense relationship between Dr. Watson and his wife, aggravated by the reckless behavior of the famous detective. Therefore, Sherlock Holmes was obsessed with liquidating the organization's top boss, James Moriarty, arresting Irene Adler and unmasking those strange relatives of Mrs. Watson, while Dr. Watson suffers from a strange incurable neurological disease. So, what happened before and after the fake death of Sherlock Holmes? Despite his limitations, Dr. Watson tells a great story that includes: further escapes of Irene Adler, secret lover of Sherlock Holmes and known as the countess of crime, details about the Swindhit and the organization, the disappearance and return of the mysterious Mrs. Watson, and the possible revelation of the big secret of Sherlock Holmes, which has made the famous detective tremble and suffer too much... Of course, Sherlock Holmes, who worked undercover for three years as Sigerson, fighting against the Swindhit and the organization, after his masterful return faces enormous challenges: protecting his dark secret from the threats of Irene Adler, achieving the return of Mrs. Watson and taking down the almighty organization, which constitutes the greatest menace to European governments, running illegal businesses and financing organized crime, throughout the world.


Publication Date
Jul 26, 2022
Creative Commons ShareAlike (CC BY-SA)
By (author): Rolando José Olivo, Translated by: Rolando José Olivo



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