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The Seven Trials Against Jesus

ByRolando José OlivoRolando José Olivo

Jesus was a TRUE INNOCENT. He faced seven trials: 1) Annas, without sentence, 2) Sanhedrin, found guilty (invalid for many violations of Jewish law), 3) Sanhedrin, repeated at dawn, before the nullity of the previous one, found guilty (it is also invalid), 4) Pontius Pilate declared Him innocent, 5) Herod Antipas, without sentence, 6) Pontius Pilate declared Him innocent again, and 7) legal aberration by Pontius Pilate and the court of the crowd. Without filing charges neither presenting condemnatory proofs, Jesus was sentenced to death. Pontius Pilate issued two final sentences of innocence in favor of Jesus, which were later unknown, and none of his accusers could present a single proof against Jesus. Furthermore, Pontius Pilate, in addition to evading his responsibilities as judge and improperly handling a conflict of interests, committed serious crimes in the last trial: a) initiated an atypical, irregular, invalid, illegal and illegitimate trial against Jesus, b) awarded an angry crowd the power to act as a court of law, c) accepted a death sentence without charges nor proofs, and d) authorized the crucifixion of Jesus or the application of a method of execution, intended only for those convicted in Roman courts. Obviously, there is a flagrant lack of competence of this court of the crowd, and also prevails a great responsibility of the Jewish authorities, who disowned the two sentences of innocence favorable to Jesus, and insisted on condemning Him, without respecting his legal rights.


Publication Date
Jan 11, 2021
Religion & Spirituality
Creative Commons ShareAlike (CC BY-SA)
By (author): Rolando José Olivo, Translated by: Rolando José Olivo



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