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The Trial of Sherlock Holmes

The Trial of Sherlock Holmes

ByRolando José OlivoRolando José Olivo

Since Sherlock Holmes returned, clarifying that he didn´t die while fighting professor James Moriarty, and before the subsequent discovery of the body of his former archenemy, Scotland Yard and the French police, whose director is outraged because the detective has meddled in delicate affairs of that nation, have been investigating the famous detective. In the first days of January 1898, the High Court of Justice unusually returned to session, without having finished the judicial holidays, while Sherlock Holmes received a house arrest order and the file with three charges against him. In this regard, the brilliant detective is accused of: a) murdering James Moriarty, b) allowing the escape of Dr. Leon Sterndale, murderer of Mortimer Tregennis, and c) contributing to the escape of Captain Jack Croker, murderer of Sir Eustace Brackenstall. This is the trial of the century! British and continental European newspapers give extensive coverage to this legal process and many sympathizers of Sherlock Holmes flock to the courthouse. The prosecution, led by the top bosses of Scotland Yard and the French police, has assigned Stanley Hopkins to act as prosecutor. While Sherlock Holmes has the support of the two best lawyers in London, hired by his brother Mycroft, and John McFarlane. The trial is complicated and the situation does not look flattering for Sherlock Holmes. The accusers have brought the convicted Sebastian Moran, a witness of the alleged murder of James Moriarty, and are sure that the detective will also be convicted on the last two charges. In addition to this, Dr. Watson is also accused of complicity in those two charges, obstruction of justice and withholding information that the authorities need. Finally, Sherlock Holmes surprises by resorting to the support of unexpected allies, carrying out unprecedented actions, bringing witnesses to cry for him and turning the courtroom into a circus (there was even a tomato attack against an enemy of the detective), while Dr. Watson, on the verge of a nervous and emotional breakdown, hopes that they will never live that horrible nightmare again... Content: First Part, Sherlock Holmes Is Accused of Three Serious Crimes Second Part, The Trial of the Century Third Part, The Conclusion of the Trial


Publication Date
Jan 22, 2023
Creative Commons ShareAlike (CC BY-SA)
By (author): Rolando José Olivo, Translated by: Rolando José Olivo



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