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Angels in Paper Wings

ByRosangela Manzoli

Angels in Paper Wings is a beautiful memoir about the life of the Manzoli family. Future generations of the Manzoli family will appreciate their heritage and be astounded at the remarkable journey of their ancestors. Enjoy Rosangela's rich attention to detail and memory as she writes about her family's prewar years in her beloved Italy, her family's journey to England before the outbreak of the Second World War and finally, Rosangela's own immigration to what was considered the "new land", her final destination, Canada. If you enjoy all things Italian and enjoy reading how things were long ago, during a more innocent time, this is a wonderful book for you.The innocence of the war years, the importance of family and the sad reality of how class distinction could make all the difference, Angels in Paper Wings richly details all these things. Beautifully written by Rosangela with much love, she leaves a beautiful legacy of Manzoli stories and memories for future generations of her family to enjoy.


Publication Date
Nov 3, 2011
Biographies & Memoirs
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By (author): Rosangela Manzoli



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