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Stories of Silent Sacrifice

A Tribute to Informal Caregivers

ByRosemary Henrich

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You will be inspired by the heartfelt stories of the ten informal caregivers highlighted in this book. They detail successful life stories before they became caregivers. They recall the emotional turmoil and inner conflict they experienced the moment they realized they were being called to become a caregiver for someone they loved. As they report their current day to day lives, they are also telling us of the many unique ways they demonstrate their enduring love, compassion, and humanity. They speak of their challenges - honestly and with emotion. They come from different cultures. Perhaps it is remarkable that all but one of them plays out their life story near the Las Vegas strip. These caregivers vary in race, gender, age, and their relationship to their care recipient. They do not hold back. Their accounts are honest and relatable, but at times they are tough, even raw. No matter their basic differences, their goals and advice are similar in nature and substance. They seek recognition from our healthcare universe. You can appreciate each story individually, in fact, that may make each story more powerful. When you finish reading all their stories, you will find yourself haunted by their sacrifice. As you go about your daily life, you will think about what they might be doing that day, knowing it is vastly different from what you are doing. You will put this book down, asking yourself if you have the capacity for this kind of love and self-sacrifice. Is that your gift? It is this writer’s wish that you walk away with a new appreciation for what they, and other caregivers do, every day. Only that will make our efforts worthwhile.


Publication Date
Aug 1, 2022
Biographies & Memoirs
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By (author): Rosemary Henrich


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