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Kalani the Lion

Kalani the Lion

ByRoss R. Olney

Dr, Kalani Jose had a serious traffic accident due to a failure in his truck, and because of the wonderful work of a chiropractor, he left his terrible pain behind and ultimately left his truck driving job and became a chiro himself after several years of hard study. He is now quite well known on the West Coast of the United States as a chiropractor who works closely with his patients, including some very challenging people like the boy who could only "click" at him. His practice is thriving and he plans to open branch offices throughout the country. He believes that all of us, every one of his patients and every one of us who have not met him, are very special, very unique, very promising people, including the fascinating celebrities he has met, who will excel if they choose to do so. He believes that everyone is important in his own way, and that we must all believe in ourselves, have faith in God if we choose to, as he has chosen, and live a clean life.


Publication Date
May 2, 2017
Health & Fitness
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By (author): Ross R. Olney



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