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Roy E. Richmond Tree of Life Bible Translations - Volume 1

ByRoy Richmond

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Many people ask me, by what authority do I translate, interpret and paraphrase the Scripture, which I have titled RERichmond Tree of Life Bible Translations. First, I am not sought after by the various religions of this world, nor am I a well-known person in what is commonly called the religious Church system. I am a man who was apprehended by Father in 1988 and was spoken to by Father through the Voice of Spirit in my thoughts, that I would continually hear Father’s Word to me. I was instructed that I was to teach what was revealed, and many people would not like it. In fact, now I know that it is a foreign language to most people (the language of agape love), which many, who were like me in the beginning, could not comprehend. With my individual conscious awareness, having been impregnated with the teachings of the religious world systems, I struggled to understand the written Word, nonetheless the Living Word. I tried my best to make its teachings work in my life. To my detriment, I believed teachings that were imparted to me from my youth, even though what was taught did not make much sense to me. I have studied the Bible fervently from 1988 to the present. My present understanding of Father and the Living Word does not come from my institutional education, but I am honored to have earned a Doctorate of Theology, Masters of Arts Biblical Study, Master of Arts Theology, and Master of Arts Biblical Counseling.


Publication Date
Apr 2, 2021
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Roy Richmond


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Black & White
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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