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The Garments of the High Priest - Version 2013

ByRoy Richmond

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In The Garments of the High Priest, Dr. Roy E. Richmond offers a redemptive view of the ancient garments of the High Priest in the Book of Exodus. With careful scholarship and his 2013 understanding of the Bible, Dr. Richmond reveals the meanings of the priestly garments and how they reflect the redemption (kinship) of mankind. He offers an in-depth exploration of the garments, their symbolism, and their biblical significance. This book is essential for anyone interested in understanding the "redemptive view" of the High Priest Garments and its implications. Dr. Roy has published many more books that reveal a much greater understanding of the Logos, the creative spiritual law-giving and revealing activity di The latter books contain very little of the subject matter of the former. However, the former books, to me, were stepping stones to gaining a greater understanding of Truth. My current books contain much that is not even hinted at in the previous books. There was a time, like in others, that in the former books I felt what I studied, wrote, and taught, was the entire Truth of the Living Word. However, as at the beginning of my ministry (1988), Father continues to draw me higher and higher in my understanding. I did then and continue to write at the end of many of my books, “This is the Truth as I see today; it is subject to be enlarged the more I lean more to our Divine Mind and clearly see with my single eye. Truth never changes, but our ability to see Truth must evolve to perfect spiritual sight. My goal in publishing my writings, and transcriptions is for a family historical of what I taught, and provided for other, like I was, in the beginning stages of learning greater truth. These book are not being offered on my LULU printing company account. However, there are many people who Teachers and Pastors, who are still teaching the Scripture from a literal redemptive view. If they desire these books, the teaching in them can and will lead them to greater awareness of the Truthful Word causes people to experience their eternal freedom, by living out of their Oneness with Father. I am thankful to my previous teachers, J. C. Hibbard, Gary Garner, John Cahill, Kelly Varner, Scotty Tood, and John Cahill. They all played a part in my stair-step to greater wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Currently my co-labors in the Logos - the creative spiritual law-giving and revealing activity discovered in the written word, and within each of us, are Frank (B


Publication Date
Apr 19, 2023
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Roy Richmond


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Black & White
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