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The Revelation of the Apostle Paul - Unveiled EBOOK

The Apostle Paul's System of Truth - Unveiled | Paul's Seven Pillars of Truth - Unvelied

ByRoy Richmond

Jesus was born with a mandate, mission, and ministry in his life. He was consecrated while he was taught by Mary, the Essenes, who are spiritual mystics, and he also learned from Father because he stayed in his original birth state (begotten), in contact with his Divine Mind (Father/Source). When he began his ministry, he revealed nothing but the Love of our Eternal Father and revealed the Way, the Truth, and the Lifeway of life we were all created to live. Jesus taught the Apostle Paul what he sought to instruct the people and enabled Paul to explain what he taught and explain the truth of the writings of the Old Testament books. If we read Paul’s letters to the Church from the many translations of Scripture, specifically, the King James Version, we do not see the eternal love of Father that Jesus explained to Paul. Why? Because there was and continues to be a VEIL placed over his writings, the Gospels, and the rest of the Bible. The VEIL was laid over the writings by the translations of the Word, from the original text to Latin, German, and then English. The translators purposefully miss-translated and added to much of the Scripture. In my book, with the help of Father and my understanding of the eternal Love of Father, I am removing the VEIL placed on Paul’s letters to reveal the truth of what he wrote and shared. I am removing the VEIL, titled the “Penal Substitutionary Atonement Theory. This book will be the first volume of many more to come, dealing with the Apostle Paul’s Letters to the Church in his day and for us.


Publication Date
Oct 23, 2021
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Roy Richmond



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