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The Mentality Of A Jerk

ByRoy Vincent Whipple

He leans up against a wall, many a wall have been subjected to this treatment, waiting for his next target to be innocently about their tasks for the day, not really caring if it's a torment he chases, or fleeting passions that will mean nothing more than a breeze does, cool , fun, but abandoned if or when it turns into an actual wind. Nor will he care if someone catches him at this game, for charm is an assured thing to get one out of many difficulties, ignoring the many centuries worth of warnings about the shortfall of such behaviours simply thinking " Hey, that was those losers, they weren't" the sentiment of all self importance is enough sign language for even a mime to give up it's paint, humbled by a master. Who will it's victim of happenstance entertainment be today? oh the joy , it's a feeling eminence, yet obvious cliches of psychologists everywhere, this one is obvious, yet why does it think this way?? Will we ever know? Maybe some can guess , many have tried and fallen to it's charms, yet there's still a thought , no one is THAT impervious to scrutiny..........but be aware.....for if you argue with this one, for surely you will become him, and then he will smile, bow, and move off be become what he has always wanted to nice easy going guy everyone likes........


Publication Date
Jan 30, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
Original author: Roy Vincent Whipple



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