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Birds and Humans: who are we?

What are birds? Are they really today's dinosaurs as against us mammals and how does their evolution compare with that of humans and their lifestyle, parenting, tools, travelling and intelligence? Find answers in this book!

ByDavid Campbell CallenderRuth Finnegan

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Ruth Finnegan, OBE scholar and a celebrated writer with over 25 academic books to her credit, has released her recent work titled ‘Birds and Humans: Who are we?’ The general concept of the book based on the similarities, differences, and relationships between “Birds and Humans” is a fascinating one. “I don’t honestly know if it is a unique idea or not, but I have not really seen a book focusing on such themes,” says a Senior Group Leader, Royal Society Protection Birds, UK. “It is a very enjoyable read, covering a good range of themes and topics. Each section is well written, usually including an extensive selection of scientific research, observations, stories, and anecdotes.” The book draws parallels and contrasts between the world of humans and birds. It explains that birds and humans have different ancestries. Birds are the last living species of dinosaurs, and humans share ancestry with the apes. Yet, there is more in common between the two than expected. According to the reviewers at The Literary Titan, the book presents complex scientific information and theories in a way that is relatively easily understood and accessible to a wide range of readers. Some sections are intentionally thought-provoking and can trigger a debate. “I particularly liked the ‘Questions for reflection, discussion or debate’ section near the end. Personally, I have certainly read a lot of information in this book that I was previously unaware of,” says a representative of the Literary Titan. “The author’s deep connection with the birds is clear and awe-inspiring and is amply reflected in the book. I would recommend this book to anyone curious about birds and readers looking for a light but informative book.” Read more reviews here:


Publication Date
Apr 21, 2022
Social Science
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By (author): David Campbell Callender, By (author): Ruth Finnegan


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US Letter (8.5 x 11 in / 216 x 279 mm)

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