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Where Cannons Roar

ByR.W. Winton

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Miles Dunn has sailed the seas his entire life it seems. The moment he was old enough he learned the operations on his father's fishing ship, and as a youth he joined his father on a privateer that harassed French trade. Now he commands his own whaling vessel out of Nantucket and lives a comfortable life in Dunnstown, a town he and his family have built through the spoils of generations of smuggling and piracy. Miles is an honest man, though, and has no desire to engage in the smuggling so many on the coast are increasingly involved in as bitterness grows over taxes and British laws made so far away from the American lives they involve. That changes for Miles with the outbreak of war between England and the colonies. Miles is faced with a choice to relocate to England with his employer, or to become unemployed in the midst of a war that might soon end, or that might drag on for years. The timely meeting with a merchant whose family's wealth has been tied to the smugglers and pirates of Miles's own family presents Miles with a third option. It is an option that, once accepted, changes everything for Miles. It renders him a traitor to his king and the British navy's most wanted criminal. It sends him on his way to New York to locate an old friend in the service of the Royal Navy, and to incite a mutiny on a British ship of war. REVOLUTION is a queer historical fiction series set during the American Revolution in which all protagonists find happiness at the end of their harrowing journeys, regardless of whether or not their stories include romance or of which side of the war they are on. SERIES CONTENT WARNINGS: war and violence, 18th century social norms and prejudices (including those regarding gender, race, ethnicity, and sexuality) BOOK SPECIFIC CONTENT WARNINGS: mentions of whaling (no actual whaling scenes), mentions of sexual assault (no actual assault), one scene of torture (whipping - navy punishment)


Publication Date
Jul 14, 2023
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): R.W. Winton


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