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William Tyndale’s JONAH

A modern-spelling edition of the 1531 translation with facsimile of Tyndale’s 16th century original

ByS. L. MorrisWilliam Tyndale

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Have you ever wondered about the English Bible translations which came before the King James Bible? This book gives you three (3) unique views of William Tyndale's translation of the Old Testament prophet, Jonah, which he published in 1531. Surprisingly, his translation predates the 1611 King James Bible by 80 years! View 1: A modern-spelling edition of Tyndale's Bible text of Jonah. View 2: A facsimile of the 16th-century Bible text of Jonah as published by Tyndale in 1531. View 3: A transcription of the facsimile in modern typeface but with the original 16th-century spelling. Tyndale's translation of Jonah (discovered in 1861) was nearly lost to posterity. In 1863, English Bible scholar, Francis Fry published a book containing a facsimile of this rare work from Tyndale. Fry's 1863 publication is the source for View 2 of Tyndale's Jonah found in this book. There is something sobering in seeing this facsimile. One gets to glimpse -- via Francis Fry's lithographs -- the very text of Jonah which Tyndale received from his 16th-century print shop. Tyndale was putting his life in danger to bring the Bible in English to his countrymen. ABOUT THE TRANSLATOR: William Tyndale (c. 1494-1536) labored over his English Bible translations while in exile from his native country. His courageous efforts helped bring the Bible in English, first of all, to his own countrymen and ultimately, to millions of English speakers worldwide. Authorities opposed Tyndale's work. He was arrested and charged with heresy. After more than a year of imprisonment, he was executed in 1536.


Publication Date
Jul 19, 2020
Religion & Spirituality
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Introduction by: S. L. Morris, Translated by: William Tyndale, Preliminary work by: Francis Fry


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