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Edinburgh City Travel Guide

ByCTR EdinburghGerald Biebersdorf

Edinburgh. The small capital on the periphery of Europe is much more than a gateway to the Scottish Highlands. Situated between the Forth of Firth and volcanic hills, it is embedded in an idyllic natural landscape. Climb King Arthur`s Seat to view the fantastic scenery of the surroundings. Discover buildings, streets and areas rich in history – far beyond the popular King`s Castle as the symbol of the city. Bad-weather alternatives offer museums and galleries like the National Museum of Scotland or the little Writers’ Museum. In many cases, the entrance is free. Experience the numerous pubs in the centre or join a traditional Ceilidh dance evening. The charm of small shops, the cafes and restaurants invite you to stroll around and stay. Pluck up courage and try the traditional dish Haggis, for example. Or what about joining a whisky tasting? Enjoy discovering! edinburgh – the beauty in the north The team of city travel review, December 2014


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Dec 17, 2014
Travel & Adventure
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