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Sacred Comics

Humanity's Rise 01

BySacred Comics

Evil can only flourish when one surrounds their heart in a veil of darkness, shunning out the purifying light of the Divine Attributes that permeate the universe. As such, this veil of darkness prevents the nourishnment, the purification of the human spirit which, in turn, empowers the passions of the lower self. There was a time, now ages past, when the distinction between good & evil was ever so apparent. A time when those aligned to righteousness could easily identify & prepare themselves against the onslaught of evil, especially the evil in one's self. Humanity's rise, takes us back to the moment in human history when the battle lines were drawn between the agents of the uncaused first cause, creator of all & Guardian of Faith against the agents of the Devil. Satan's hatred of humankind is not something that can be understood. It is not something that can be reasoned away. If Satan were to succeed in his war against humankind it would not benefit him in any way, rather, secure his everlasting torment all the more but even this terrifying outcome has not dissuaded him from his mission to degrade humanity. His insatiable hatred came about as a result of his envy towards humanity's potential nobility. Satan believed he was one of the most favoured, the most worthy & yet, it was this very arrogance coupled with his rebellion towards the ultimate power of universe that ensured his place is farthest from favour, chaotic & evil. An enemy of that caliber will stop at nothing, exert absolutely everything, bear no empathy or honor, nor abide by any code of conduct to complete his agenda. His only aspiration, his only obsession, his only purpose; to transform humanity to become the vile & wretched creatures that he is, to roam the earth with no other purpose than self indulgence. Some may become so putrid, so repugnant that they may even be inclined to kill innocent children in order to hoard finite wealth in an equally finite realm. Ludicrous. This is a narrative that takes you back to where it all began in a new & contemporary way. Graphically narrating the realm of the Angels, the realm of the Devils & the dawn of a new species (humanity). Witness a saga unfold, a saga about a constant battle between good & evil, a sage … that is about your origins & your potential demise. While this book has utilized certain narratives from various religious traditions, see your respective scholars for a more accurate depiction. Illustration are purely symbolic.


Publication Date
Jul 9, 2020
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By (author): Sacred Comics



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