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Triskelion: Origins And Symbols Of This Mysterious And Thousand-year-old Sign


The ancient Celts had many symbols, many of them revolving around a threefold theme. The triskele, the Celtic symbol signifying, is a trinity of themes: The spirit, the body, and the soul. There are other meanings for each of the three branches of the triskele. In short, the Celtic symbol of the triskele, a symbol of competition and human progress. The Greek term triskele means “on three legs,” and rightly so, this sign looks a lot like three running legs. The triskelion (also called triskele, triquetra, or fylfot) is a Celtic symbol that signifies two major symbolism components: Action and Passive. The sign itself appears to be in action. It looks like he’s on the move. The Manx (Isle of Man coat of arms) is a triskelion, but the spirals are legs. These legs seem to be running. So, where do the action and the passive elements play in this symbol? Simply put, the asset is the action we invest in using this symbol and the universe’s reaction in response. The passive is our ability to sit down, trust, believe, and believe that our path will be clear and known. It’s a lovely concept. You need those two to tango …. well …. at least ideally. Some of us can hammer our way with our actions and accomplish a lot. Others of us may nap more than act while still doing things. So what about passivity? Passivity comes when we reach the top of the mountain. Everyone knows that the descent is more straightforward. Same concept with the Celts. They used the passive side of the Celtic symbol of the triskele, meaning To love the harvest, To communicate with nature, To love peace in the clan, etc. The passive aspect of this Celtic symbol also plays a significant role in faith. As we have mentioned, any form of prayer (meditation, affirmations, devotions, rituals, etc.) is active. It is trust that is passive. Trust our Higher Power. We hope that our questions will be answered. We are confident that our hard work will pay off. Faith is based on both the quest and the rest, which the triskele elegantly demonstrates. The great thing about this symbol is that it is also threefold. As such, its meanings are a trinity of wisdom (as you will read in this article). But I wanted to talk about this active or passive concept because it makes the symbol deeper as a whole.


Publication Date
Oct 6, 2021
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): sacredcrafts



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