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Cancer Ascendant Secrets

Vedic Astrology

BySaket Shah

Cancer is a water sign and is ruled by the Moon. Its symbol is the crab. Generally it gives a sensitive and/or emotional nature which, depending on position, may indicate psychic abilities. It has a spiritual nature, yet its natives may be seen to have strong attachments within this world. People born under Cancer have a middle -sized body, face full, snubbed nose, a white complexion. They often have a double chin. They are very intelligent, bright and frugal and industrious. Their frugality often takes the name of miserliness. They are sympathetic but moral cowardice will be present. They will be much attached to their children and family. Their extreme sensitiveness renders them nervous and queer. Their minds will be bent upon schemes of trade and manufacture. They often meet with disappointments in love and marriage. They are very talkative, self-reliant, honest and unbending. They have reputation for love of justice and fair-play. Saturn in the Ascendant house is not good for them. Cancer Governs - Chest of kalapurusha, watery places, tanks, rivers, pearls, lands, and fields of wet cultivation, canals, reservoirs, marshes, holy places, picturesque localities and sandy places. Medical astrology- Cancer- Anatomical Parts, Stomach, Diaphragm, sternum, elbow joint, epigastric region, thoracic duct, ribs in general. Common Diseases for Cancer - Dropsy, smallpox, flatulence, cancer


Publication Date
Feb 20, 2022
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Saket Shah



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