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The Architecture Of A Woman

Resurrecting The Respect For The Mother

BySally Lemmon

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"The Architecture of A Woman is a book for any woman who has lost her appetite for life. The Architecture of A Woman is a book that delves deeply in what it really means to be a woman. It explores the archetypes of a woman that have been buried and are dying to be resurrected so we can lead humanity into a world of aliveness and connection. This book is about resurrecting and embodying the parts of a woman that have been shunned or forgotten, so we can integrate and live our most alive life. The Architecture of a Woman is an erotic, poetic and somatic experience that will unlock the life-force that lay latent in your very cells, allowing you to catalyse living in your highest purpose. Some things you can expect; Teachings on the role of the Mother to shift humanity The Erotic Mother, Cosmic Mother and Earth Mother Psychosomatic Fertility (the forgotten art of embodied fertility ) Eros and the power of a woman’s integrated sexuality Unconditionality and the power of the ancestral line Softening as the medicine that the planet needs for evolution Women’s health and the blood mysteries of conscious menstruation Devotional relationships for evolution This book is the guidebook for modern women, and a powerful insight into the aspects that will lead humanity into destiny and away from fate" -- In love, Sally Jayne


Publication Date
Jan 27, 2021
Personal Growth
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By (author): Sally Lemmon


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