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The Final Pandemic

An Antidote To Medical Tyranny

ByMark BaileySamantha Bailey

Humanity is under assault from pandemics but not for the reasons that the mainstream sources portray. This book examines the claims regarding alleged “contagious” disease outbreaks such as COVID-19 to shed more light on what they are, or perhaps more importantly, what they are not. The belief that germs from the natural environment (or a laboratory) are attacking us has led most of the population to go along with lockdowns, civil rights restrictions, unprecedented peacetime censorship and more vaccines. However, when the foundational science is exposed and it is understood how the cases are created, no “pandemic” looks the same ever again. In line with our other content we dissect multiple aspects of what has been put forward as scientific evidence for germ theory, alleged “viruses,” diagnostic tests, and “treatments” whether they be drugs or vaccines. It is all too often a world of mythology with carefully constructed narratives designed to benefit the medico-pharmaceutical industry and other vested interests. Unfortunately, it pulls the public into a belief system that is not only counterproductive to health but frequently life shortening and sometimes deadly. We have endeavoured to illustrate this with famous case examples to demonstrate how the media promotes deception with fear-inducing sensationalised headlines that are often bereft of scientific evidence. Just as important is how the illusions are maintained and we share our own experiences of what happens when doctors speak out against the prevailing narrative. The Final Pandemic is a title that announces that the concept of contagious and death-dealing ‘germs’ is finished. Hopefully this helps people realise that there is no need to participate in these man-made “crises” ever again. "...the evidence the authors have presented here is quite simply, irrefutable, however alarming that conclusion might be." - Prof. Tim Noakes


Publication Date
Feb 20, 2024
Science & Medicine
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Mark Bailey, By (author): Samantha Bailey, Foreword by: Prof. Tim Noakes



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