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The Logic of Time in the Universe: A Critique of Professor Yourgrau's "World Without Time"

BySamuel K.K. Blankson

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Since we all live our lives according to our basic or individual physio/chemistry, everything and everybody is uniquely different and the only thing that applies to us all is time, but we can only experience its passage. In this book the author’s basic philosophical premise is that all of time is always passing by, thus the one absolutely indisputable fact about time is that it is always passing. The way and manner in which we create our time ensures it can never stop, unless the regular or repetitive motions we rely on as the rates of passing time disappear. Thus the passage of time is all that any ‘Beings’ anywhere in the universe can have as ‘time’. Under relativity, the milieu of the debate began by Godel, time is not seen as running all through the cosmos and therefore the same everywhere; however, every ‘being’ anywhere will have to invent a time system similar to our own, using repetitive motions or cycles, for the passage of time is all that any being can ever know of time.


Publication Date
Jan 8, 2011
Science & Medicine
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By (author): Samuel K.K. Blankson


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