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Poetry In The Mind 2

BySamuel West

Poetry In The Mind 2 has become another dream come true for me to write and share with you my words of love, encouragement, and inspiration . There are seasons in our lives where times get rough and you just have to find a way to get your life back on track no matter what the situation is. You can’t stay down to the ground where everything seems so dry. You have to tell yourself “HEY” I have a situation how can I make it better. Start to look up resources and ways to find solutions to the obstacles you are facing. Believe me problems just don’t fade away you have to do something about them. In others words make life work for you don’t let the troubles of life rule you. Life is way to short to live a life filled with sadness. Most just sit around waiting for something to happen lets get real if it was that easy to succeed in life every single person on the face of the earth would probably become rich. I hope deep down inside these poems will inspire and entertain you.


Publication Date
Sep 9, 2007
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Samuel West



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