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Romance Explored

BySandra Staines

Romance Explored is a collection of poems dealing with contemporary love and romance. See if this little sample does it for you: Yes I was a fool Listening to his patter It was too smooth This patina of burnished steel The man could have seduced Anything, anyone and anytime And he did Me and a dozen others besides Including the guy down at the hardware store I should have known his wolfish ways He had eyes that would stray But when he turned his gaze my way I melted and practically squirmed In my chair at the fancy restaurant And he knew all the wines and stuff I was pleased; I was chuffed I had never known a man like him Even if I was worried about The pale band of untanned skin On his third finger I was the ingénue It can’t be denied Hungry for what A little town could offer A girl from the sticks, Everywhere he went he caused a stir I mean, how many men out here Wear Italian suits and know how to flirt (extracted from ‘The Wolf in Him’)


Publication Date
Apr 9, 2014
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Sandra Staines



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