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That black Hasidic lady

a Memoir of a Dark-Skinned Hasidic Woman

BySara Braun

Driven by strength, resilience, and boldness, nothing could hold back this fluent Yiddish-speaking dark Jewish woman from what her heart sought out the most: a profound connection with Judaism. Sara grew up in a small village in the Netherlands, Europe, and what set her apart from the people around her, and even her family, was her rich dark skin. Hasidic Judaism was deeply embedded in her lineage, but with Sara's mom being darker than the rest of the family, she didn't practice the religion due to the subtle but stinging discrimination she faced. Still, Sara had this unfathomable desire deep inside that she needed to quench. After an enlightening vacation to New York City, Sara saw herself living there and seeking out her Hasidic Jewish connections. True to her vision, she moved to New York when she was 18 with just $400 in her possession and one mission in mind: to intertwine her body, soul, and mind with Judaism. Now, she is a dark, Jewish, in-born opera singer, all alone in the city that never sleeps. Will she find what she's looking for, or will New York become a hill too steep to climb? It is said that we are victims of our circumstances, but how accurate is this statement? The truth is, it's all about perspective. When you limit yourself to your circumstances, you can only go as far as the confines you've set for yourself. But when you take control and create your own life, you hold the power to become whoever you desire. And this is the power Sara sought. Based on true events, this memoir will open your eyes to the true definition of resilience and intense passion. Through the raw, heartfelt retelling of the author's experiences, you will feel the motivation to become your authentic self unapologetically and go after your dreams relentlessly.


Publication Date
Mar 12, 2023
Biographies & Memoirs
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By (author): Sara Braun



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