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And Then We Stole The Morning...

And Then We Stole The Morning...

ByMichael MahlerThomas Purtle

Back Cover: "This book is simply not halo-white pages and crisp black print. It is not about our egos, our wallets, or our records. It is all about the ordinary things, the people we struggle to have truly meaningful relationships with, and the locales we fill up with our beauty. This book is about the people we are right now, have never been before, and will never be again. We are 24-hour diner people. We are sweaty, floor-thumping concert people. We are wine-soaked sunset people. We live in our friends embraces. We exist behind the camera lenses as well as before them. We were born just seconds ago and are achingly hungry to explode our greatness upon an unsuspecting populus. Our suns are rising, breaking through the morning trees, and soon, the vast landscapes of these modern cities will be illuminated and all the children will stand and clap their hands."


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Michael Mahler, By (author): Thomas Purtle, By (author): Sara Murray



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