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Notes farmed fish

BySardón Gall

The current supply of fish and shellfish on the market is immense thanks to innovative distribution techniques and imports. However, the gastronomic customs, the typical recipes, as well as the ingrained tastes of the consumers still determine the species that is acquired. The fish farm product boasts quality and guaranteed freshness . So much so that the consumer can have it on their table the same day it is collected. In addition, the farm specimens are very healthy . Like wild ones, they are considered an important source of nutrients, such as protein, vitamins, and minerals.       However, different investigations confirm that its composition is slightly different . Aquaculture fish has more fats and the proportion of unsaturated (that is, the good ones) is lower, so the nutritional benefits are lower. The reason for this difference is the feeding of the animal. Wild fish obtain omega 3 from marine plants, while aquaculture fish, for the most part, are fed based on feed, which contains a lower proportion of this nutrient. For this reason, European researchers are working to optimize the composition of aquaculture feed. Despite this deficit, the feeding of the farmed fish is so controlled that it guarantees quality. Current European regulations on food safety and animal nutrition are among the most demanding in the world.    In the larval phase, these fish feed on microorganisms and brine shrimp, a small crustacean that is enriched with fatty acids. Once they get older, each species grows on feed created specifically for them. Its composition uses ingredients such as fish meal, which stands out for its high protein content, and oils, also from fish, which are the best source of fatty acids (and their contribution of omega 3). In recent years, in addition, the percentage of plant ingredients, such as cereals, corn or soybeans, has been increased in feed to make them more sustainable. The most frequent question on the part of consumers is whether these differences affect the taste .


Publication Date
Jul 11, 2021
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By (author): Sardón Gall



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