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The Art of War (Sun Tzu) with social skills (Sardón Gall)

BySardón Gall

Some social skills are very useful both at work and in personal relationships. There are behavioral guidelines that can help us cultivate skills that will make us feel more comfortable with ourselves and be more appreciated and valued by others. Naturally, these guidelines can be learned and we can make them a habit. Who interprets criticism as an opportunity, as useful information that can help us improve? Or, to put it another way, aren't we the majority of those who feel attacked when faced with criticism and activate our defense mechanisms, instead of listening, reflecting and extracting what the criticism they make can bring us positive? Indeed, some questions shamelessly undress us, to the extent that they reveal serious limitations that, purely internalized, seem unapproachable. But we cannot resign ourselves, there is much to do, also in the field of knowing how to accept criticism and knowing how to formulate it. Older people are concerned about their health, relationships with others, and comfort in their home, and they value having time to acquire new knowledge . Young people with disabilities feel like other people their age, but they cannot always express themselves, live or have fun in the same way. To do this, they need more autonomy, financial independence, recognition and improved accessibility . They are not demands, but rights that they claim as citizens.     Can the art of war be adapted to today's society? The book provides facts that justify it. It is an informative book, created with the intention of entertaining, but with great rigor.


Publication Date
May 10, 2021
Social Science
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By (author): Sardón Gall



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