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I Fucked My Teacher

ByScarlett Mia

Explicit Content
I wasn't a 'player' in college but I had two steady girl friends; sometimes on with one, then on with the other. The thing I concentrated on was becoming a good stud, and pleasing my two partners. This was pre-Aides, so sex was safer and not everyone has sex in high school, so there were girls/boys who were learning the ropes about good sex. I took time to notice what girls were willing to give up and what the situations were needed for them to give it up. A few years later in the real, business world, there was a married woman I got chummy with daily basis as our pathed crossed at work, and she was looking for 'a little discrete excitement on the side'. I soon she discovered she had only been pounded on like a piece of meat, and while happy to do that once, I wanted she and I to experience more. It took a few weeks, but I soon had her sucking my cock at lunch time and fucking in my truck. I had taught her how to 'cum', and she couldn't get enough of it. She started paying for all the hotel rooms, even booking rooms at Noon to get a good 5:15 bang in before going home. This was great, until she divorced her husband, and wanted more. Now remember, I was to be a 'piece on the side'.


Publication Date
Feb 1, 2021
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By (author): Scarlett Mia



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