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My Favorite Double Standard

ByScarlett Mia

Explicit Content
I have to be careful with this story so as not to out who I am to my friends. Basically, in high school, before Myspace was a thing, I always had a camera with me was always doing photography, and I may have started a website with my friend where we posted pictures of girl’s asses and the school would rate them. Some girls, not many but some, were deeply offended. Most were okay with it, and some really liked it. Then when we added the rating feature, I basically had free reign to take pictures of all the girls, they would just let me, because they wanted to get rated on the website. BTW, the rating system was rigged. Yes we took votes into account, my friend was the one who speaks HTML, but he explained to me that he could tell for the most part if people were voting multiple times from the same IP, but it was easy to cheat. So basically, we decided who was "ass of the day," and we were careful to be fair to make all the girls happy. Basically, as long as every girl got "ass of the day" once in a while here or there, no one complained and we didn't get shut down as often.


Publication Date
Feb 1, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Scarlett Mia



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