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Our Last Sex

ByScarlett Mia

Explicit Content
This day was no different. I was nervous to see my new ‘sister’ for the first time but Daddy has impeccable taste. As I arrived, I was greeted with the usual hug and kiss, a comforting and sweet gesture to contrast against an evening of pure animalistic passion and pleasure to come. She was flawless; she had beautiful skin, soft hair, and a beautiful body and I never found myself so attracted to a woman. I was enamored with her beauty and her body seemed to call me in closer to her. We cooked and smoked and got to know each other, and she was a bit of me. I watched how Daddy interacted with her. I could tell he was just as enamored with her, which made it all the better for me. As we chatted, we all quietly knew that it was time to play. Daddy quickly ordered us to undress. I couldn’t stop staring at her body, the slope of her breasts and the curve of her spine and I couldn’t help but reach out to touch. We kissed and caressed as Daddy sat back stroking his growing cock. As we kissed she raised her small hand to my throat with a tight grip and my wet cunt was throbbing. I was absolutely dripping at the thought of Daddy watching our passionate embrace. As if we had some unspoken slut bond, we knew it was time to please Daddy.


Publication Date
Feb 1, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Scarlett Mia



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