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Slave Girl

ByScarlett Mia

Explicit Content
I met JT at the fitness center. He was a personal trainer and when he approached me he gave me the whole gym spiel, telling me that he could improve my form. When I declined, he gave me a smirk "am I really not as charming as I thought I was?" "Nope?" "Cold". I shrugged and put my headphones back on. When I left the gym, I saw him leaning against his car, I guess he was waiting for me because he held up a smoothie "it's a green smoothie?". I couldn't help but smile, we talked for a little bit and I remember him saying something really cheesy, but I'm a sucker for really bad pickup lines lol. We exchanged numbers and went on my way. Halfway home, I forgot that I left some stuff in my locker so I went back. I see that JT's car was still there and I walked by it. He was just jerking it like silly in his backseat, oh no big deal?! I honestly gasped because I didn't think people just did that kind of thing so out in the open in the middle of the day. He didn't even realize I was there. I blushed really hard, but I quickly just jogged into the gym to get my stuff, super red because I was secondhand embarrassed ha-ha. Did no one see him? Did he even care if someone noticed he was doing that? I remember I couldn't get the image out of my mind for the rest of the day. Oddly, it turned me on seeing him stroking it in public.


Publication Date
Feb 1, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Scarlett Mia



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