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Earthtrace - First time around "Download in COLOR"

ByScott Fratcher

Same as above but downloads in full COLOR! This special "First time around" color download has over 350 quality photos by Lance Wordsworth. In March 2007 the New Zealand based Earthrace set off to break the round the world speedboat record. 85 days later the Earthrace attempt was abandoned in Spain with multiple 2-meter cracks in her main hull. In her wake were three major storms, an engine rebuild, 6 propeller changes, bankruptcy, and ultimately death on the high seas. Enclosed is a chronicle by master storyteller Scott Fratcher. A humorous tale of pain, suffering, loss, misery, fortitude and the ability of the crew to gruel along, leg after horrendous leg. Scott’s colorful writing style takes you to the scene of the action. Thousands read along during the race. Come join the Earthrace team for a first hand account of the world record attempt. Put yourself in the drivers seat. Enjoy an up close view of the pit stops and experience first hand the race from the comfort of your easy chair.


Publication Date
Nov 30, 2007
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Scott Fratcher



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