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The Doctrine of Meeting Christ in This Life: Jacob’s Ladder, the LDS Temple, and Greater Things By Eric L. Chun
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Our spiritual progression, symbolically represented by Jacob's ladder and the temple, can have 3 principal steps. Step 1: Telestial Understanding – Receive the Holy Ghost – Follow Christ.... More > Step 2: Terrestrial Understanding – Receive the Son – Meet Christ. Step 3: Celestial Understanding – Receive the Father – Know Christ. This book suggests that Step 2 can occur in this mortal life. Topics include: the progression of faith, hope, and charity; the endowment as a mental-spiritual map; sacrifice; passive salvation; calling and election made sure; one eternal round as an endless spiral.< Less
eBook (PDF): $6.00
This is a companion journal to the book “LOADED WITH BENEFITS, Living the Believer’s Life of Privilege: Ten Weeks of Personal Study” (ISBN 978-0-557-04460-3). It contains... More > reflections from the book combined with inspirational Scriptures for daily meditation. In this journal you will record your personal thoughts and insights as you meditate on the Scriptures each day, finding joy, peace and hope, as you reap the “benefits” of God’s favor on your life. You will be encouraged daily as God shows you great and mighty things from His Word.< Less
The Practice of the Presence of God By Brother Lawrence
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Nicholas Herman entered the priory in Paris as a lay brother, not having the education necessary to become a cleric, and took the religious name, "Lawrence of the Resurrection". He spent... More > almost all of the rest of his life within the walls of the priory, working in the kitchen. He was known for his profound peace and many came to seek spiritual guidance from him. The wisdom that he passed on to them, in conversations and in letters, would later become the basis for this book. It became popular among Catholics and Protestants alike, with John Wesley and A. W. Tozer being among those who were transformed by its vital message. This book will change the way you spend time with God. Brother Lawrence lived from a place in his heart where the love of God made every detail of his life of surpassing value. You can begin to live in this manifestation of God's Presence every moment of every day. With this book, you can begin now.< Less
Pilate By Janos Bognar
eBook (PDF): $5.99
Judaism and Christianity are the two religions and ideologies which mostly form the framework of Western Civilization; whilst there are differences, these can result in higher unity. Not withstanding... More > this, we can freely speak about common Jewish-Christian traditions: the existing opposing views can be at the same time both regrettable but also contribute to the rich culture and heritage. These differences, especially from religious viewpoint, are inherent in the two different interpretations of Christ’s persona. While the Jewish religion considers Christ only as a religious teacher, Christian interpretation sees him as the central, God-human figure; the whole mankind’s Redeemer. This novel tries to portray a new theological approach of the night following the death of the Redeemer, whilst at the same time presenting the Jews in a positive light, it is not at all distorting the Catholic concept of Jesus.< Less
Love Is My Religion By Donna Jean Freberg
eBook (PDF): $5.99
A book of weekly personal essays written for an alternative spiritual community in Beverly Hills. An honest look at the journey of life, love, motherhood, and where God might show up--or not.
"21 Days Novena of the Scriptural Rosary" By Rev. Fr. Joyzy Pius Egunjobi, Rev. Fr. Julius Olaitan
eBook (PDF): $4.99
21 DAYS NOVENA OF MY MEDITATION OF THE SCRIPTURAL ROSARY is a novena book that guides Catholics and non-Catholics in obtaining an increase of faith, hope and love; leading to an intense love for... More > Jesus Christ through the powerful intercession of Mary, Mother of God. With daily prayers that include biblical passages for meditation and spiritual growth, it helps one towards an attainment of personal petitions The writers of this book are seasoned pastors who have read wider. They have arrived at this point to bring their children in the faith to better understanding of their faith. The meditations before the recitations are simply superb. They bring the person(s) so close to the mind of the Church since earlier times. This book contains some other prayer points which the users can use to know more about the catholic faith and beliefs.< Less
In The Beginning By Patrick Kramer
eBook (PDF): $6.25
Poems inspired by Genesis.
Real Faith By Daniel Gualtieri
eBook (PDF): $5.99
What is faith? In this booklet Rev. Gualtieri shows you the reality of faith, how faith works, what God's original idea was and how you can live a life of fulfillment, blessing and joy. Be... More > transformed by living in the God-kind of faith!< Less
The Acts of the Apostles: Study Guide and Commentary By Larry L. Yates. ThD, PhD
eBook (ePub): $8.99
A complete survey of the Acts of the Apostles covering each chapter in detail, with introductory material detailing the background, authorship, date written and theme. It serves as a textbook for... More > Bible Colleges and is intended for, the student, minister as well as the layperson< Less