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Blob Dementia By Ian Long Pip Wilson
eBook (PDF): $21.42
Dementia is impacting society in a way previous generations never experienced. One in three adults will be impacted by this health issue. This ripples through care services, the sufferer and upon... More > their family. This book is a set of discussion tools to cover a wide range of topics - changes which will take place over the development of this disease, how a day might look, the signs of dementia, how a sufferer might see the world compared to our view, cards with a set of activities to be used with carers and families, anger issues, and a wide range of emotional problems which need to be dealt with. The illustrator of this book experienced these issues first hand and developed this resource to help others discuss them.< Less
Root Canal Treatment By jone robert
eBook (PDF): $8.99
This book contains information about Root canal treatment. It is really easy to understand.
CLEANSING WITH KATE E-Book By Kate Kennington
eBook (PDF): $4.99
You have just made an important decision towards improving your health. Whether this is a major diet and lifestyle change or you are just looking to push the reset button, you will find this cleanse... More > to be nourishing and rewarding to your whole being. What does it mean to cleanse? Detoxification is a normal body process of eliminating or neutralizing toxins through our colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph and skin. It is one of our body’s most basic automatic functions. With the world we live in today, body systems and organs that were once capable of cleaning out unwanted substances are now completely overloaded. Thus many unwanted substances and toxins stay in our tissues. Our body tries to protect itself from those toxins by surrounding them with mucus and fat cells. Those toxins re-enter the bloodstream where they re-circulate in the body causing many common ailments such as poor digestion, fatigue, acne, joint discomfort, muscle pain, and more.< Less
Understanding Cancer By Ron Hicks
eBook (PDF): $4.80
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Cancer is a mystery to most people - a deadly mystery. Many believe that just about anything you eat or do can cause cancer and that the disease is an automatic death sentence. This is not the case.... More > The aim of Understanding Cancer is to remove the misconceptions that surround the disease and make it understandable to the general public. As early treatment often means the difference between success or failure, the book describes the danger signals you should be aware of, particularly for the top five cancers. This will answer most of the questions people ask about the disease. But above all it empahsises that most cancers are caused by the environment and most cancers can be prevented or avoided.< Less
The Real Stretch Marks Cure By Briana Brown
eBook (PDF): $6.55
You really can get rid of your stretch marks!! I have provided proof and details within my 12 page E-book. You never have to spend more than $10 on products. You probably won't have to spend money at... More > all. Within this E-book are real (easy) ways to get rid of your stretch marks for good in a little as 6 months.< Less
Foods to Lower Cholesterol By Owen Jones
eBook (ePub): $7.99
I hope that you will find the information helpful, useful and profitable. The information in this ebook on cholesterol and related subjects is organized into 17 chapters of about 500-600 words... More > each. It will help you set understand and manage your cholesterol levels, and it may even help you stay off tablets. As an added bonus, I am granting you permission to use the content on your own website or in your own blogs and newsletter, although it is better if you rewrite them in your own words first. You may also split the book up and resell the articles. In fact, the only right that you do not have is to resell or give away the book as it was delivered to you.< Less
Warning: You're Losing Money By Not Using Reiki Healing By David Santiago
eBook (ePub): $2.99
So do you want to know about Reiki? Ok, let me explain how far I know about Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki is a simple,... More > natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. Reiki is capable of healing anything because it works at very fundamental levels of reality. Reiki accomplishes this by providing the recipient enough energy to step above (metaphorically) to see all that and have the courage to let go. Reiki practitioners channel energy in a particular pattern to heal and harmonize. With this ebook discover: - 6 reiki healing secrets you never knew - How to start using reiki healing - Strange facts about reiki healing - The truth about reiki healing - Tips for reiki healing - And More GRAB A COPY TODAY!< Less
47 Weight Loss Juice Recipes to Fight Obesity Now: Juice Cleanse to Detoxify the Body By Joseph Correa
eBook (ePub): $13.99
47 Weight Loss Juice Recipes to Fight Obesity Now: Juice Cleanse to Detoxify the Bodywill help you lose weight naturally and efficiently. These are not to replace meals but should complement your... More > normal day to day meals. Being too busy to eat right can sometimes become a problem and that’s why this book will save you time and help nourish your body to achieve the goals you want. This book will help you to: -Lose weight fast. -Reduce Fat. -Cleanse your body. -Have more energy. -Naturally accelerate Your Metabolism to become thinner. -Improve your digestive system. Joseph Correa is a certified sports nutritionist and a professional athlete.< Less
The Three Things You Must Have For Good Health By Dr. Joe Esposito
eBook (PDF): $9.89
Nutrition for the real world. Dr. Joe Esposito's realistic approach to good health.
Free Workout: A free workout to burn fat fast By Robert Vance
eBook (ePub): $0.00
A great workout to shed the fat and get ripped fast. Follow this great guide on a proven weight training technique and unique diet regimen. This Workout and diet will take you to the next level of... More > fitness that you've been searching for.< Less

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Are You Useful? Are You Useful? By Chip Conrad
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