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An Analysis of the Relationship Between Physical Exercise and the Spiritual Life of Clergy (eBook) By Gary L. Cowper
eBook (ePub): $2.99
What is the impact of physical exercise on the spiritual life of clergy as they try to be good stewards of their body while being faithful to fulfill their pastoral call? The problem is that clergy,... More > in a sedentary occupation, can become physically unhealthy by engaging in meaningful ministry but neglecting to take care of themselves as they care for others. This work is a beacon to the church community that the Apostle Paul, modern day writers, twenty-six clergy and the researcher declare a correlation between physical fitness and the spiritual life of clergy. Physical health can positively affect a person's spiritual health. There is not only a link between physical and spiritual disciplines but there is a benefit to clergy, their families, and their church community when clergy are physically active. It is important for clergy to be good stewards of their bodies while developing a regular rhythm of physical activity. In so doing, they will be equipped, in a greater way, to faithfully fulfill their call.< Less
My Exercise Diary By Gus Ghani
eBook (ePub): $2.00
Thank you for acquiring my very first installment of the 30 Minute Guide. This e-book is aimed at providing Beginners with a simple and an effective guide to starting your own exercise programme to... More > meet your fitness goals. On the road to realizing your true fitness potential, there are no shortcuts; what you get out of exercise will depend largely on what you are prepared to put into it. Use the information provided here to plan your work-out and monitor your progress by logging in your actual work-out details in the diary section. Stick with your exercise programme and I promise you will see and feel the right results in no time.< Less
HormoneSynergy -- Optimal Aging and Hormone Balance By Kathryn Retzler, ND
eBook (PDF): $9.95
HormoneSynergy is a map that will guide you to the realm of hormone balance and optimal aging. This book includes a description of how aging happens, what hormones are and what they do, and 8 steps... More > for achieving HormoneSynergy and optimal aging. Thoroughly referenced and completely practical, this book is a comprehensive guide to achieving optimal aging and hormone balance.< Less
The Adult Stem Cell Blueprint... How to Unlock the Natural Renewal System of Your Body By Matt Canham
eBook (ePub): $0.00
The power of adult stem cells to support the body's natural renewal system is poised to become one of the breakthrough discoveries of our time, learn how you can leverage your own for health and... More > wellness.< Less
Aerobics: A Guide to Keeping Your Heart and Body Healthy By Cindy Wright
Paperback: $27.33
Prints in 3-5 business days
If you have ever wondered just how the body works when it comes to exercise, this book is for you. It provides extensive information on the physiological response of the body and the regular workings... More > of the cardiovascular system. It will give you a better idea of how body fat can affect the body, and some great practical ways for helping to eliminate it. This book is great for anybody who is curious about aerobics and beginning their own path to better health.< Less
Natural weight loss-No diet,No Pills,No Surgery By QZ WU
eBook (PDF): $5.99
Are overweight and obesity caused by overeating? Why treatments like diet pills, on diet and surgery for overweight fail often? Why weight rebound comes often? This book answers these questions. The... More > very challenging viewpoint of the book is that overweight and obesity are not caused by overeating but unbalanced competence among the human viscera. This means that all the popular treatments which intend to reduce calorie intake or burn the fat are destined to be of little effective and weight rebound is unavoidable if take them. The correct way to lose weight from the root is to restore balance and increase energy. This book introduces a self-massaging program to that point. It is easy, natural and safe to take. Only three steps are involved and 15 minutes per day to perform and most important, it has been proven really effective and has no side-effect. This set of program can not only reduce weight but also preserve health and prevent disease.< Less
eBook (PDF): $3.99
This is a powerful energy meditation that fills the body with life force. It is the unblocked flow of life force through the chakras that keeps on healthy
Warning Contents Under Pressure May Change By Curtis Taylor
eBook (PDF): $2.99
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"Warning! Contents Under Pressure May Change" is your guide to losing weight and keeping it off forever! This is perfect reading for those new to exercise. Although chocked full of great... More > information, Curtis Taylor manages to keep the guide short and to the point. Unlike many weight-loss coaches/experts, Taylor can empathize with the extremely obese. He lost over 170lbs using the information he shares in this guide! You'll learn how to: develop a successful weight-loss game plan, common exercise myths, the honest truth about supplements and he even throws in a few basic workout routines. After reading, you'll be motivated to start down the road to building a better you!< Less
Vitamins and Nutrients - Low Carb Reference By Lisa Shea
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Science is making discoveries daily. Are fats good for you? Should you take Vitamin C? Is cholesterol good, bad, or both? Here is what you need to know, updated for 2015. This ebook presents the... More > latest information on how you should strive to keep your body in balance. We start with the basics. Should you take multivitamins, how do generics differ from brand names, and what is critical for a healthy brain. Then we go step by step through the vitamins. Just where do you get vitamin A, B, C, and so on? Which minerals should you pay attention to? Antioxidants get their own chapter as they are so critical. It's important to understand what antioxidants are and how to harness their power. We cover water, why it's so important, and how to hydrate properly. Then we go over oils in depth. Which oils are safe to cook with, and which become dangerous when heated? Which types of oils act as natural scrubbers for your arteries, keeping them clean? All of my low carb books provide appendices.< Less
No Labels - Men in Relationship with Anorexia By Derek Botha
eBook (ePub): $9.99
In 'NO LABELS: Men in Relationship with Anorexia' Derek Botha argues that traditional understandings of and approaches to diagnosis and treatment for anorexia nervosa are unacceptable, inappropriate... More > and laden with labelling ways, and thus exacerbate these men’s struggles, leaving them dishonoured, disabled, powerless and even more distressed. He presents alternative ways of understanding the nature of their social positionings as well as a more appropriate therapy for them, namely narrative therapy. 'NO LABELS: Men in Relationship with Anorexia' contributes to meaningful dialogue amongst mental health academics, practitioners, students and all who have an interest in seeking fresh understandings of these men and their complex positionings.< Less

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