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Internal Perfection By Donn Smith
eBook (PDF): $2.86
Until we awaken our Internal Perfection we vainly seek to affirm our self through external means. This is the cause of much of the disappointment and depression that so many people experience... More > throughout their lives. To discover our I AM Energy is to discover who we truly are, who we always have been, hidden beneath the toxicity caused by choices we made, consciously or unconsciously, prior to today. In the absence of discovering our I AM Energy we look outside ourselves for our love, our value, our safety, and our freedom. Finding our Internal Perfection is like the Hubble Telescope finding a nebula--easy once you have the right tools and know what to look for. All we have to do is remove all the layers of conditioning so that we can see our magnificent beauty--and that’s exactly what this book is meant to achieve. So open up the cover of Internal Perfection. Fasten your seatbelt and join me on the ride of a lifetime, as you experience, like I did, what it is like to be “Free to Be Me”.< Less
Smoothie Success By Liz Bunting
eBook (ePub): $9.99
This great book takes the mystery out of making smoothies! These recipes will help jumpstart your daily routine of smoothie making without all the complicated ingredients and get you on the road to... More > a healthier lifestyle. Pack in the fruits and vegetables easily and deliciously and watch your life become more vibrant and energetic.< Less
The Brukit: Smart Burn Nutrition Method and Meal Strategy By Rachel Mansi
eBook (ePub): $49.90
A revolutionary approach to weight loss and maintenance without dieting! Dieting has become the norm in our society. However, the damage it has done and is doing to our metabolisms is devastating. ... More > Today, we are dealing with obesity, weight loss resistance, and chronic diseases more than ever; all as a result of metabolic imbalance due to dieting. In order to turn weight loss and maintenance failures into success with REAL RESULTS, we have created what we call the Smart Burn Nutrition Method. We teach you the fundamentals behind the way our body and metabolism work, why we gain weight, how to kill dieting forever, and how to strategically turn our metabolism around in order to burn fat instead of store it. We use real food for real life, and pair it with smart exercise; you will never have to break-up with carbs again! Implementing our Smart Burn Nutrition Method is so painfully simple, it is like stealing candy from a baby.< Less
Hair Loss In Women...Getting to the Root of the Problem By melanie vonzabuesnig
eBook (ePub): $15.95
This book is for women who want to understand what causes female hair loss, why it occurs and what to do about it. It details the five main categories of female hair loss and describes over fifty... More > different possible causes. It helps women pinpoint the type and cause of hair loss they are experiencing so they can implement the most effective treatment. Real life stories give this book a personal and easy-to-read edge. The second section of this book contains many natural hair loss remedies that have been used successfully by women to improve their hair growth and texture. Women who want to learn to take charge of their own hair loss condition to re-establish healthy hair growth will appreciate the information in this book.< Less
Delving Within Using Meditation By Tami Brady
eBook (ePub): $1.99
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Delving Within Using Meditation is a compilation of meditations and guided visualizations for self exploration. These exercises are useful for looking at both conscious and subconscious aspects. They... More > can also be used to promote healthy life changes.< Less
Freud's Theory for Beginners: About Dreams, Psychosexual Stages, Id, Ego and Superego By Joy Renkins
eBook (ePub): $2.95
Sigmund Freud Popularized the Concept of Psycho Analysis. If you want to learn about his ideas, this book explains it all in simple language: • What is Freudian psychoanalysis? • Freud 5... More > psychosexual stages • The Id, The Ego And The Superego • What Christians Can Learn From Freud • Freud and Jung • What does Freud say about dreams? • The Top 5 Women's Dreams Analyzed • What Freud Got Right: Oedipus Complex • Freudian Slip • Psychodynamics • CBT and the Zeitgeist And much more. Enjoy!< Less
7 Days to a Healthy Lifestyle By Larry Cochran
eBook (PDF): $0.99
This is quick start guide to starting a healthy lifestyle and getting back those years that have been left behind. Health and wellness is within your grasp.
Vitality Now!: A Complete Anti-Aging Guide to Enhance Your Health and Vitality By Karen Sun, M.D.
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Written by a medical doctor with over 25 years of experience improving the health and vitality of her patients and now passing on this information to those who want to jump start their own health and... More > wellbeing. In this book Dr. Karen Sun shows how her unique approach to curing health problems such as: inflammation, indigestion, weight gain, low libido, mental fog and others. She uses actual medical health experiences related verbatim by her patients to show how to improve the quality of your life with her medical breakthrough techniques. Do you want to lose weight around your mid section, improve your libido, improve your memory and mental acuity, and gain a new outlook on life? Do you want to banish hot flashes, insomnia, moodiness and the mid-life blues? Of course you do. This book should be mandatory reading for anyone approaching, in or past the mid-life stage. Using her medically proven techniques all of us can greatly increase our vitality and daily lives.< Less
Healthy Meals,Snacks and Drinks By Louise Willett
Paperback: $13.17
Prints in 3-5 business days
The recipes contained in these pages have been tested in the kitchens of the Shaklee family. These recipes incorporate healthy ingredients which are always safe for people to use.
Forearm Pain Fix By Craig Young
eBook (PDF): $2.81
Exercise regime to cure forearm pain that continues to get worse and is located on the upper forearm.

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