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Where there is no Tech Support By Marc Maxson
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This book has been divided into three parts. The first part is what a development worker should consider when attempting to introduce computers or related technology into a school, village,... More > business, or government office. There are many obstacles that I wish I hadn’t overlooked in my two years in The Gambia, and I hope that my stories will help my replacements be more successful. Sustainability, accountability, and relevance make or break your project. I found that the most difficult thing to do was to identify the most important needs of the community, work with them to meet those needs, and leave behind successors who will be able to solve future problems with success. The second part is an outline of approaches that would benefit any organization trying to orient its technical workers and volunteers for the job ahead. The third part is a hands-on reference guide for keeping older computers working.< Less
Model State Plan for Vocational Rehabilitation of Persons who are Deaf, Deaf-Blind, Hard of Hearing or Late Deafened By Douglas Watson
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Recommended guidelines for improving the delivery of federal/state vocational rehabilitation services leading to successful employment outcomes for persons who are deaf, deaf-blind, hard of hearing... More > or late deafened.< Less
The Drummer's Odyssey By AJ Rousell
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Rated 4/5 Stars by Rhythm Magazine; The Drummer's Odyssey is a educational product by UK Drummer, AJ Rousell. This book is designed for Drummers who are wanting to improve their skills and learn new... More > creative ideas. It is a book that contains a system designed to take a simple idea and grow it into a large number of usable rhythms and and patterns. The content is designed for both beginner and seasoned players.< Less
Little Southside Volunteer & Tutor Handbook By Jeff Croft
Paperback: $6.56
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A basic everyday help for anyone involved with the program Little Southside. This guidebook lays out the program and provides 'reminders' for helping the children through reading and math. Forgot... More > about adjectives, fractions and's in there.< Less
Underground Guitar Handbook By Jason Earls
eBook (PDF): $5.75
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If you've ever wanted to learn the newest "underground" and innovative guitar methods, this handbook is for you. Filled with cutting-edge and avant-garde techniques, the Underground Guitar... More > Handbook contains detailed explanations and musical examples of such topics as: four-finger licks, unusual scales, diminished licks, tremolo bar flutters and gurgles, the wah-wham method, tritones and flatted fifths, Shawn Lane's "impossible" chord, speed-picking licks, pedal point phrases, new hardware ideas, atonal patterns, mysticism, finger-tapping licks, and much more. Links to the author's youtube videos in which he performs the techniques are also provided, (plus a handful of musical short stories for additional entertainment). For learning the most cutting-edge guitar techniques (many never before published), this manual is all you will ever need.< Less
Making Democracy Fair: The mathematics of voting and apportionment By Michael de Villiers & Leslie Johnson Nielsen
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How do you know if an election is fair? Or if the result truly represents the choice of the people? In Making Democracy Fair students use elementary mathematical methods to explore different kinds of... More > ballots, election decision procedures, and apportionment methods. In the first half of the book, students are introduced to a variety of alternatives to the “winner take all” strategy used in most elections. Determining which strategy is fairest is usually a very difficult question to answer, and many times the strategy chosen determines the winner. In the second part of the book, students investigate different methods of apportionment. How many representatives from each state will there be in the United States House of Representatives? How do countries using a proportional representation decide on the number of representatives from each political party to be seated in their government bodies?< Less
Shall We Dance? By Sarah Lee
eBook (PDF): $0.00
This is my portfolio from my senior year at MCS, an autobiographical guide to life after high school. MCS is a small Christian college prep school located in Indonesia.
Altered Reflections By Faces in the Mirror
Paperback: $15.95
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It is my pleasure to share with you the culmination of a very long project. Faces in the Mirror is a group of 9th grade students at Webster Schroeder High School in upstate New York who spent about... More > six months researching the Hero’s Journey pattern as outlined by mythologist Joseph Campbell. Using references to mythology, literature, television, and film, the students began to see how the Hero's Journey permeates not only our culture, but all cultures across time and geographic location. From there, the students explored how the pattern is part of the human condition and how it can be used as a tool to examine their own lives. After completing The Sixty Day Sojourn and after reading a wide selection of cultural myths, each student modernized a myth or fairy tale of his/her choosing. By seeing these old stories through new lenses, the students’ characters demonstrate that they are Altered Reflections of the originals.< Less
REVISION - everything you ever wanted to know By Alan Jones
eBook (PDF): $7.82
A learners guide to revision and preparation for examinations. Aimed students studying for examinations and tests in Years 9, 10 and 11 (UK) but relevant to all learners who may be looking for some... More > practical advice about learning, memory, time management and exam preparation.< Less
The 30 minutes piano lesson By Jan LEONTSKY
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The 30 minutes piano lesson Or Everything you need to know about piano’s technique… in 30 minutes. Based on a Glenn GOULD’s thought ("Everything that can be taught about... More > piano, That can be taught in 30 minutes…")this short essay intends to summarize all what should be known about piano playing. Composer, pianist and organist, Jan LEONTSKY was born in the south of FRANCE in 1970. He is referenced on the USA Classical Composers database ( Jan LEONTSKY spends his life between composition, recording, concerts and writing. He lives now in Odessa, by the Black sea. Listen samples of his works on his official website:< Less

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Applied Calculus Applied Calculus By David Lippman et al.
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