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Young Black Women in Toronto High Schools: Portraits of Family, School and Community Involvement in Developing Goals and Aspirations By Dr. Donna Kay Cindy Kakonge, ABD
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This research fills the gaps in the literature surrounding the career aspirations of Black female high school students in Canada. The literature surrounds five key factors regarding career... More > aspirations, educational programs that help young Black females to succeed in high school, the portrayal of Black women in the media and the history of Black women and work. The conceptual framework is based on four key concepts of spirit, motivation, self-esteem and identity. The methodology of this research is based on qualitative narrative case studies of 10 student participants, three parents and eight community members.< Less
Saudi Arabia: Islamic Threat, Political Reform, And The Global War On Terror By Sherifa Zuhur, Strategic Studies Institute
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U.S. foreign policy and the domestic concerns of Middle Eastern states are influencing the pursuit of the global war on terror in the Middle East. A close view of Saudi Arabia reveals the complex... More > interaction of these forces. The U.S. relationship with Saudi Arabia and the global war on terror are important challenges to the U.S. administration that have region-wide ramifications. Saudi Arabia has been facing down Islamist insurgency along with other challenges since September 11, 2001, and with even more urgency since May 2003. The Kingdom clearly remains a major political and economic force in the region. The income from its vast oil resources primarily has funded its strong influence, and the Kingdom has, in turn, sponsored poorer developing Arab nations. Furthermore, its Islamic influence has been apparent in the broader Muslim world, and the United States has maintained a strong relationship with the Kingdom for many decades.< Less
Strategic Implications Of Intercommunal Warfare In Iraq By W. Andrew Terrill, Strategic Studies Institute
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The future of Iraq is uncertain. The country is in a dangerous phase. The removal of a brutal dictatorship by coalition forces in April 2003 has given the Iraqi people hope for a new and better... More > political system, where individuals do not have to live in continuing fear and uncertainty. Nevertheless, the Iraqi people must also address the difficult challenges of self-government for a diverse population, with major ethnic and sectarian groups that often maintain widely divergent agendas. If they fail to do this and an ethnic/sectarian war ensues, the consequences will be dire, not only for Iraq, but for the entire Middle Eastern region. This monograph, by Dr. W. Andrew Terrill, does not predict an Iraqi civil war, which is the worst-case outcome for the current struggle in Iraq. Neither can this monograph fully rule out this possibility since the responsibility for preventing such an eventuality is ultimately Iraqi and not American, and U.S. analysts cannot predict...< Less
Natural Allies? Regional Security In Asia And Prospects For Indo-american Strategic Cooperation By Stephen J. Blank, Strategic Studies Institute
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One of the hallmarks of the two Bush administrations’ foreign and defense policies has been a growing rapprochement with India. Indeed, in June 2005 the U.S. Government signed a defense... More > agreement with that country. In part, this rapprochement is driven by and coincides with India’s increasingly visible role as a major Asian power. This book-length monograph seeks to illuminate India’s rising power and capabilities with regard to the key regions on its periphery: the Persian Gulf, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia. The author, Dr. Stephen Blank, also considers the major issues pertaining to India’s bilateral defense agenda with the United States. By revealing the dimensions of India’s growing capabilities and interests, he also provides a strategic rationale for the development of the partnership to date and for its further evolution. Numerous analyses of current global trends point to the rise of India as a major transformation in world politics.< Less
Logistics Transformation - Restarting A Stalled Process By Lieutenant Colonel Victor Maccagnan, Jr., Strategic Studies Institute
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The U.S. Army War College provides an excellent environment for selected military officers and government civilians to reflect and use their career experience to explore a wide range of strategic... More > issues. To assure that the research developed by Army War College students is available to Army and Department of Defense leaders, the Strategic Studies Institute publishes selected papers in its Carlisle Papers in Security Strategy Series. Lieutenant Colonel Victor Maccagnan, of the AWC class of 2004 and the author of this paper, contends that Army logistics transformation has not happened to the extent needed in strategic, operational, and tactical environments. He discusses what must be changed and how to reenergize logistics transformation to get results now. The Strategic Studies Institute is pleased to offer this Carlisle Paper as a contribution to the debate on Army Transformation.< Less
Revisions In Need Of Revising: What Went Wrong In The Iraq War By David C. Hendrickson, Robert W. Tucker, Strategic Studies Institute
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David C. Hendrickson and Robert W. Tucker examine the contentious debate over the Iraq war and occupation, focusing on the critique that the Bush administration squandered an historic opportunity to... More > reconstruct the Iraqi state because of various critical blunders in planning. Though they conclude that critics have made a number of telling points against the Bush administration’s conduct of the Iraq war, they argue that the most serious problems facing Iraq and its American occupiers—criminal anarchy and lawlessness, a raging insurgency, and a society divided into rival and antagonistic groups—were virtually inevitable consequences that flowed from the act of war itself. Military and civilian planners were culpable in failing to plan for certain tasks, but the most serious problems had no good solution. The authors draw attention to a variety of lessons, including the danger that the imperatives of “force protection” may sacrifice the broader political mission of U.S. forces...< Less
Insurgency In Iraq: An Historical Perspective By Ian F. W. Beckett, Strategic Studies Institute
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This monograph considers the patterns of insurgency in the past by way of establishing how much the conflict in Iraq conforms to previous experience. In particular, the author compares and contrasts... More > Iraq with previous Middle Eastern insurgencies such as those in Palestine, Aden, the Dhofar province of Oman, Algeria, and Lebanon. He suggests that there is much that can be learned from British, French, and Israeli experience. The monograph was delivered by invitation at the 15th Annual Strategy Conference of the U.S. Army War College in April 2004. It derived from work undertaken while the author was occupying the Major General Matthew C. Horner Chair of Military Theory at the U.S. Marine Corps University, Quantico, Virginia. The Strategic Studies Institute is pleased to offer this contribution to the debate on insurgencies, past and present.< Less
Kaneh Bosem By Shelly Dona EL
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BS''D A powerful basic about Kaneh Bosem - Medical Cannabis.
Aristotle's Aetiology By Andreas Sofroniou
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Although Aristotle is well known as a philosopher, scientists acknowledge his influence in almost every branch of the sciences. He definitely benefited from Plato (his teacher) on matters of the... More > politis and the personality characteristics of the individual. What many modern thinkers forget is the impact that Aristotle made with his research into the specific sciences. In his Athenian academia, or Lyceum, Aristotle established his unique method of teaching - the peripatetic. Many of his biological experiments were backed by specimens sent to him by his ex-pupil Alexander the Macedonian. It is said that Alexander the Great collected samples from every country he conquered and forwarded them to his tutor. Aristotle established a scientific methodology which, even in modern days, influences the academic world. His research in biology, his writings in physics, and his afterthoughts (meta-after) his papers and lectures on physics (metaphysica) undoubtedly made an impact on the method of treating people.< Less
MEDEV Special Report 10 - Conference proceedings: ePortfolios, identity and personalised learning in healthcare education By Victor Ottaway
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This special report is published by the Subject Centre for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine (MEDEV), part of the Subject Network of the Higher Education Academy. We are a publicly funded... More > service, providing UK-wide support and services for higher education in medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine. Details of our activities are available on our website:< Less