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HCCI Engine Control and Optimization By Nick Killingsworth
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Homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) engines have the benefit of high efficiency with low emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulates. These benefits are due to the autoignition process... More > of the dilute mixture of fuel and air during compression. However, because there is no direct ignition trigger, control of ignition is inherently more difficult than in standard internal combustion engines. This dissertation addresses some the control issues of HCCI engines.< Less
Electronics Bazaar, November 2014 By EFY Enterprises Pvt Ltd
eBook (PDF): $1.23
Preparing to buy the next generation wireless security camera or the latest signal generator, or want to know the top 15 solar players in India? Get the November issue of Electronics Bazaar for the... More > latest updates..< Less
Aircraft Design Patent Picker Premium 10/2015 By Martin Schweiger, Gary Yue (Co-author)
eBook (PDF): $9.90
30% of the document is available for a free preview! Aircraft Design Patent Picker Premium (AD PPP) information is taken from official patent publications of the world‘s most important patent... More > offices. AD PPP patents are carefully selected by Gary Yue and Martin Schweiger, electric and mechanical engineers with experience in the area of aircraft design, maintenance, repair and overhaul patents. If you are interested to receive our personalized AD PPP, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our contact details can be found in the last page of each Patent Picker. The subscription for one year is 100 EUR and there are no hidden costs. For only 9.90 EUR per month, you can freely distribute each issue under your email domain as well as put the PDF file on your intranet homepage for downloads.< Less
Engineering Nonkilling: Scientific Responsibility and the Advancement of Killing-Free Societies By Joam Evans Pim
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The present volume raises an important question: what kind of science and applications needs to be engineered to work towards a killing-free world? Bringing forward a nonkilling approach to... More > problem-solving, the diverse chapters provide insights into practice of engineering, mathematics, and physics, but are extensible to other sciences, pointing to the potential scope of new research agenda that could benefit from focussing on interplay between science, ethics, philosophy, politics, and human nature. As the reader will realize, the nonkilling vision of this book goes far beyond the normative stand of rejecting killing. It implies the constructive engagement in societal transformation, where all fields of knowledge need to be thoughtfully applied.< Less
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This doctoral dissertation studied the effects surface texture and color have upon the visual detection of sink marks. Human observers evaluated a series of injection-molded parts exhibiting various... More > sink marks dimensions as well as various textures. Data were collected in the Plastics Processing Laboratory at Western Michigan University’s Parkview Campus and at various plastics companies located in western Michigan. The results of the research confirmed industry-held beliefs in the effectiveness of surface texture to conceal minor sink marks. The color of the sample plaques was found to be a significant contributor to the probability of the perception of a sink mark. The research also found that the environment surrounding a sink mark could influence the probability of visually detecting the sink mark. Factors essential for predicting sink mark visibility were identified, allowing the development of models for designers to use to eliminate the visibility of problematic sink marks.< Less
TIPS: 2007-2009 Compilation By NAE-CASEE EEES
eBook (PDF): $10.00
CASEE's Teachers Integrating Prior Scholarship (TIPS) collection was developed for targeted use by engineering educators. It features all TIPS written from 2007-2009. Each TIPS is a one to two page... More > brief that summarizes and distills information from current social and behavioral science literature in order to provide practical guidance on curricular and instructional matters suited to the information needs of engineering professors.< Less
OTREC-RR-12-05 By Christopher Higgins, Daniel Cox, Jora Lehrman
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Many bridges along the Gulf Coast were damaged by recent hurricanes, and many more are susceptible to similar damage. This research examines the structural performance of common connections used to... More > anchor prestressed concrete girders to the substructure. Full-scale specimens were fabricated and tested under static and dynamic cyclic load histories. Dynamic load histories were developed from previously conducted hydraulic tests of a 1/5 scale model of a highway bridge under hurricane wave loads. Load effects considered included the pseudo-statically applied vertical uplift force, horizontal force, combined horizontal and vertical forces, and dynamically applied combined horizontal and vertical forces. Structural performance of the details under these loading conditions is examined. This allows improved understanding of connection performance, enables better design for new bridge construction and for rehabilitating existing bridges to resist hurricane loads.< Less
Energy Management Handbook, 7th Edition Volume I By Steve Doty, Wayne Turner
eBook (ePub): $99.99
Newly revised and edited, this seventh edition includes extensive revisions to seven of its twenty-eight chapters, including those covering waste heat recovery, HVAC systems, energy management and... More > control systems, energy systems maintenance, alternative energy, indoor air quality, and codes, standards and legislation. This comprehensive handbook has become recognized as the definitive stand-alone energy manager's desk reference, used by thousands of energy management professionals throughout the industry. You'll find coverage of every component of effective energy management, including energy auditing, economic analysis, cogeneration, waste heat recovery, building envelope, HVAC systems, lighting, energy systems maintenance, insulation systems, sustainability and high performance green buildings, ground-source heat pumps, indoor air quality, utility rates, energy legislation, and measurement and verification. Please note this is Volume 1 and only contains chapter 1-14.< Less
Essential Differential Equations By Joseph Previte
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This book is designed to be an affordable, yet complete differential equations textbook. The topics include analytic and numerical solutions of first order ODE with applications. Second Order Linear... More > ODE with an emphasis on the spring/mass system, LRC circuits and resonance. Additional topics include higher order ODE, series solutions, and the Laplace transform and applications. Fourier series and partial differential equations.< Less
9th Grade Augirre/Bussel Team High Tech High By Jan Gloster III & Karina Davalos
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With the help of 9th grade students, we accomplished in the making of this book.