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Command Generation for Dynamic Systems By William Singhose, Warren Seering
eBook (ePub): $24.99
This book presents techniques for moving machines very rapidly. The main focus is on intelligently designing the reference command that is used to drive the system. Numerous example systems, such as... More > cranes, robots, and satellites are discussed.< Less
The Story of Electricity By John Munro
eBook (PDF): $2.99
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The Story of Electricity 5 Preface 5 Publishers’ Note 6 Chapter I-The Electricity of Friction 7 Chapter II-The Electricity of Chemistry 17 Chapter III-The Electricity of Heat 25 Chapter IV-The... More > Electricity of Magnetism 28 Chapter V-Electrolysis 43 Chapter VI-The Telegraph and Telephone 48 Chapter VII-Electric Light and Heat 65 Chapter VIII-Electric Power 72 Chapter IX-Minor Uses of Electricity 83 Chapter X-The Wireless Telegraph 99 Chapter XL-Electro-Chemistry and Electro-Metallurgy 108 Chapter XII-Electric Railways 118 Appendix 126 UNITS OF MEASUREMENT 126 I. FUNDAMENTAL UNITS 126 II. Derived Mechanical Units 126 III. Electrostatic Units 128 IV. Magnetic Units 129 V. Electro-Magnetic Units 130 Practical Units of Electricity 130 Heat Units 132 Light Units 132 .. ISBN: 978-1-257-86210-8< Less
Image Enhancement using a Combined Approach of Spatial and Transformation Domain Techniques By Amol Zade, Snehal Mundhada
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In proposed work an enhanced image is generated. This enhanced image is comparatively better than other techniques such as alpha rooting, log transform etc. In comparison table from chapter 5 results... More > it is proved using evaluation techniques like EME, PSNR and MMSE. The proposed technique will produce highly balanced and visually appealing results for a diversity of images with different qualities of contrast and edge information and it will produce satisfactory result. The improvement in image enhancement is particularly effective in the case of very low contrast images.< Less
3G Technologies By Farrukh Khan
Paperback: $25.49
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The future for mobile wireless devices looks bright and the number of cellular mobile subscribers continues to grow rapidly. Unlike the old 2G technology based systems, the new 3G systems and the... More > ones which are now being rolled out prior to the 4G systems, the Super 3G technologies, are data centric in nature. The Super 3G systems not only provide high data rates and quick connectivity for video applications, but they also have features that will delight the consumers, the operators and the backbone providers. Thus, the emerging Super 3G technologies provide the opportunities for e-commerce developers to unleash their creativity to provide offerings that take the fancy of subscribers. This essay presents a discussion about e-commerce and 3G technologies in an Australian and global context.< Less
The Genesis Hypothesis By Ian Beardsley
Paperback: $16.50
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A guess as to the possibility of a Genesis Project, making a life sustaining planet.
Baldwin Logging Locomotives 1913 Catalog By Periscope Film LLC
Paperback: $12.00
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Founded in the early 1830’s by Philadelphia jeweler Matthais Baldwin, the Baldwin Locomotive Works built a huge number of steam locomotives before ceasing production in 1949. This 1913 catalog... More > shows the company’s full line of logging locomotives, from light tank engines to large 2-8-0 Consolidations and 2-8-2 Mikados. The catalog also introduces Baldwin’s new geared locomotives, intended to be used on steep grades, sharp curves and uneven tracks.< Less
Introductory Engineering Mathematics: Part One By J Z Wong
eBook (PDF): $4.29
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Part one of three introducing important concepts in engineering mathematics studied in engineering and science courses offered at the pre-university level. It is a suitable introductory guide for... More > students taking various university foundation programs or diploma programs, or as a refresher for engineering undergraduates who require mathematics for their main core units. Topics presented in part one includes arithmetic, algebra, functions, trigonometry, differential calculus, differential approximation, Taylor's series and optimization - extremum values. Particularly useful guide for MATH1001 unit offered at various australian universities.< Less
Steel in Construction By Farrukh Khan
Paperback: $45.00
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In this report, an attempt is made to take a look at the use of cast iron, wrought iron and steel in the construction of buildings and civil engineering structures. These materials have been... More > extensively used in construction for a fairly long time and many outstanding and historical buildings have been built with the use of iron and steel. Iron and steel are mostly used as the dominant structural material to provide shape and strength to the frame of the construction. The report takes a look at the Millennium Dome in the United Kingdom and provides its readers with an extensive bibliography for their use.< Less
OTREC-RR-11-11 By Michael Scott
eBook (PDF): $0.00
A bridge management system is developed using the Tcl scripting language in conjunction with the OpenSees finite element software framework. Fully programmable and string-based, Tcl is ideal... More > for implementing live load analysis through scripts and experimenting with emergent bridge rating methodologies. Since Tcl is an interpreted language, the application also has the important advantage that new bridge capacity models and rating factor calculations can be implemented on multiple platforms without compiling source code. The network programming features of Tcl give the system access to databases for conducting internet-based bridge rating. The system is demonstrated for rating a conventionally reinforced concrete girder; however, it is readily extensible to other types of bridge components.< Less
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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